Feature Index

(* Denotes an external link. I’m listing external writing projects here for posterity.)

(As of 21/03/2015, I’m running into some troubles with archived posts. I’m re-uploading them bit by bit.)

Title Date Published (D/M/Y)
2012 In Film: My Top Five 30/12/2012
2012 In Gaming: My Top Five 31/12/2012
2012 In Music: My Top Five 29/12/2012
Adventure Games Aren’t Dead Yet 06/02/2013
The Alternative Best of 2013 07/02/2014
Bullet Hell and the Art of Excess* 06/08/2014
Check the Chain Link: Understanding Death Grips 19/03/2015
Child’s Play* 03/09/2014
Discovering Russ Meyer 04/02/2013
Down and Out in Dwarf Fortress* 06/08/2014
E3 2013: The ‘Big Two’ 11/06/2013
Every Videogame is a Comedy…*$ 10/04/2014
Final Fantasy 7: A Retrospective 07/09/2012
Flogging a Dead Horse: Ludonarrative Dissonance 21/05/2013
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Made Me Feel Old 06/12/2012
It’s Time to Reconsider Alpha Protocol* 29/08/2014
Learning to Love 05/08/2013
On the Trail of the Net Yaroze* 02/07/2013
Placing Faith in The Last Cargo’s Atheist Allegory* 24/06/2014
Roger Ebert’s Gift to Gaming* 09/04/2013
Ryan Davis, R.I.P. 10/07/2013
Silent Hill 2: A Retrospective 30/11/2012
Snacked Up is Two Years Old! 03/04/2012
The Day the Music Died: A Tribute to Rock Band*^ 04/04/2013
Why Play Horror Games? 30/07/2012
Why Showgirls is a Great Film 15/04/2015
Xbox One, Corporate Math, and The Art of Gurning 31/05/2013

^This can also be found in the Fifth Edition of John Metz’s The Composition of Everyday Life.

$ This can also be found on The Atlantic.

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