Happy New Year, Y’all!

Well, this is awkward.

You might have noticed a slight drop in activity around here as of late; or rather, over the last three months. Whoops.

Much to my surprise, the occasional comment, subscription, and even email has reminded me that people might be wondering what’s happened to Snacked Up. It’s not dead, honest. Those who know me personally can probably guess what’s up. Since my last post, I’ve started a Masters course at university. I’ve watched the entirety of the trainwreck that is Supernatural, met new people, and spared enough time on the side to write god-awful crossovers between Twin Peaks and Assassins’ Creed, if just because I was dared to. It’s a veritable S-Club party all up in this bitch, in which I am, for better or worse, preoccupied.

Needless to say, Snacked Up isn’t always going to be my primary focus – but rest assured that I do plan to update in the near future, kicking off in January with a belated ‘Best of 2013’ list (because there really aren’t enough of the things out there), and continuing with a few longer-form pieces that, as I type, are taking shape.

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Screenshot

If you recognise this image, I’d like to think you’re in for a treat.

Surprisingly, page-views and subscriptions have only gone up in my absence. Perhaps it’s the shiny new look; or maybe I was just scaring people away with the relentless walls of text. Regardless, around a month ago, it led me into something of a quandary. Never keen to disappoint, I considered writing shorter posts – insubstantial fluff – if just to keep newer readers occupied while I was away doing other things.

Luckily for both of us, however, I decided to carry on as-is, and let Snacked Up be what it always has been, even if that means it stands empty for extended stretches. Sure, I could easily churn out posts weekly – if not daily – and yet I can’t help but feel that there are enough blogs out there already doing that. At risk of sounding cliché, I want to make posts that are longer; that represent the best of my abilities. I want to write articles that are challenging, not only for me, but hopefully for you, too. Good or bad; that’s for you to decide, but one thing is for sure: these things take time. Over the coming months, I can’t guarantee a wave of posts, but I can guarantee that anything that does get posted will be more ambitious, and hopefully more entertaining and informative than anything posted thus far.

I guess what I’m saying is: ‘I’m a lazy bum, please stick around?’

Max Payne

Pictured: me.

It’s a small corner of the internet that I occupy, but one that provides me with no end of satisfaction and enjoyment. Over the last two and a half years, I’ve grown as a writer. I’ve rationalised my Kurt Russell fandom. I’ve written about boobies and willies. Through comments, emails, and criticisms, I’ve met people like myself, many of whom I now talk to on a regular basis. It’s been great.

I’d hate to get all sentimental on you; not least because I’m still the same guy who posted the J. Geils band in celebration of the blog’s birthday back in April, but I also want to lay my cards on the table going into the new year. I always appreciate any enthusiasm anyone shows towards Snacked Up, no matter how small or large, and it’s my goal to fuel that enthusiasm going forward. I almost feel guilty that I can’t do so sooner.

So while you wait, I’d like to give props to the following blogs. If you’re following Snacked Up; sending me emails, sharing my posts – whatever – you should be doing the same with these guys, because they’re doing much greater things than I, and regularly, to boot:

The Animist

Recollections of Play


Gaming History 101

Left in Flyover Country

Digital Raconteurs

Forget Amnesia

Crash! Landen’s Crash! Site


Debts paid and cards tabled, that’s me done for 2013. I’ll see you on the other side. Hopefully, this video (which just happens to be the greatest video ever made) will be enough to tide you over until then:

Happy new year!

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